London Photography Night Tour
Tour FAQs

Tours - Frequently Asked Questions:


Will the tour ever be cancelled?

Tours can be Cancelled if the weather proves to be hazardous. Or if you are booked onto a Group Tour and it has not reached it minimum number.

What if it rains? 

If availability permits it, we can change the date of the tour at no additional cost. Or at prior request, we can provide an umbrella and try and capture some interesting photos in adverse weather conditions.

Do I need a DSLR?

No – We are happy to develop your skills with a wide range of cameras such as Bridge cameras and manual SLR's – However we do adverse to get the most out of the each tour – Your Camera should have a Manual Mode Function. If you have any questions. Please feel free to contact us via email or phone for more information. 

What equipment should I bring?

At a bare minimum, a camera. For night photography a tripod. Anything else is up to you and what you want to get from the tour. If you have a polarizer, ND filters or a flash and you want to learn more about them, bring them along.It is difficult for us to give suggestions on what lenses to bring as the answer will change from photographer to photographer. It depends on your lens arsenal, what you usually shoot with, what kind of photography you enjoy and how much weight you are comfortable carrying 
I am not an confident photographer, can I still attend a tour?
Yes – Our Tours are designed to help you feel confident using your camera. Our aim is to help you understand how your camera works and from there give you the skills needed to feel confident capturing great photos almost all environments!
I have paid and am now unable to attend the tour or workshop. Can I cancel or get a refund?
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions page for more information on cancellations. 

Am I able to pay for my tour in cash on the day?

As tour group sizes are limited to ensure the quality of the tour, it is best if you book and pay in advance to ensure you have a place. If you are unable to pay in advance (as does happen sometimes when clients are travelling), please email and confirm that you will be attending. If we don’t receive bookings for a scheduled tour, we may not provide a guide at the starting point. We don’t want to waste your time by you turning up to discover no guide is there, and the same applies for us.

Can I bring other people on my tour?

Yes,  If your tour is private you can have a maximum of 3 people for the same price -   so it will just be you, our photographer, and who ever you would like to bring along. Whether they are family, friends, or other photographers, we welcome you to bring two additional people. Anyone else who would like to join, can come along for £20 per person.If you are booked on to a Group Tour – All participants are required to pay the full price of that tour. 
Does The London Lens Project have office hours?
Yes – Office Hours are 8am – 5pm 
If you get to voicemail, please leave your details and a phone number and someone will contact you back at our nearest convenience.  

Do I need a tripod?

Tripods are not essential for day tours however they are a MUST for any night time tour. If you don't have one, or you're not travelling with one, you can rent one for only £5.00. Please let us know before your tour via email. Tour GuidesWe reserve the right to provide a photographer of our choosing, which we guarantee is competent of their position. Your assigned photographer might change from initial notification until the tour departure due to illness, engagements or any other reason deemed necessary by The London Lens Project, not limited to the photographers listed on this site. While we do our best to match you with a photographer of your choosing if requested, for these reasons we can not guarantee a specific photographer for an individual tour.

Privacy Policy

We collect customer information for Health and Safety only. This information is kept confidential and not shared.Is there much history on the walks?Absolutely yes!  For me, taking a good photo of something involves understanding its context, so I will certainly tell you plenty about the history of the places we are seeing as we walk round and discover parts of secret London.  Having said that, I always try to keep the history engaging and accessible - I realise that a long list of dates is not most people's idea of a great day out!  Can children come on the tours?
Photography Tour of London are aimed at 18+ year old however any teenagers accompanied with an adult is welcome. If you would like to attend with small children – We recommend you view our Photography Days Out In London Page for Fun Family Photography Days Out!

Are these walks suitable for people with disabilities?

I will always do my best to accommodate people with a disability.  Bear in mind though that most of the walks are 2-3 miles in length, and that some parts of London are old with uneven cobbled streets.  If you are in any doubt at all, then please just call me and we can chat about the options.  

Cancellation or Date transfer fees are as follows:

2 weeks before – 50%

1 day to 13 days before – 80%

On the day – 100%

A confirmation email with instructions will be sent once payment is received. This is to be presented to the guide on the day of the tour.

Tours are not transferable to another person without permission from The London Lens Project
All attendees pay full price whether using a camera or not. Only children under 12 years old are free of charge (maximum 2 per family).