We are a photography teaching company supported by the Princes Trust to help people to feel more confident using their camera, we do this through our Photography Tours of London and our Photography in Schools Courses.

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In a nutshell, many people have Digital SLR cameras today and many do not know how to get the most out of them. That's where The London Lens Project comes in. With  our tutors having over 10 years teaching experience with such institutions as The University of Hertfordshire. We are confident in being able to teach people how their cameras work and in doing so give them the ability to photograph anywhere.

By understanding how your camera works, one is able to apply the settings on the camera to the different challenges people face from location to location.

Not only do people learn Photography on our tours but have the chance to mix with people with similar interests and get out in London to enjoy this GREAT city renown the world round.

If you would like to develop your photography skills plus meet new people and see more of London. The London Lens Project is for you!

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At a first glance, The London Lens project seems to be a photography teaching company. Indeed. We run various workshops and tours in order to teach photography to adults, young people and children in schools. Technically speaking, we aim to train our participants to feel confident using camera controls such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, metering and white balance while we invite them to question, express their ideas, explore their creativity and also the beautiful city they live in.

But this is not all. It is just the surface, the tip of the iceberg.

So then, allow us to present you our aims and beliefs, what motivates us and stands at the base of our activity.

The aim of The London Lens Project is to share a concept: the beauty of diversity. While the need for global awareness is growing in so many ways, we embrace photography as a means of growth and understanding.

Through the art of photography we aim to bring global citizenship and global concepts closer to young people, children and adults also, not by imposing but by inviting to wonder and explore new cultures outside of their own. We believe that by learning about each other through the medium of photography, we are also learning about ourselves: about our own culture, identity and history.

Unwrapping the secrets of a camera, learning about photography, not only gives us a chance to develop a new hobby that captures important moments of our lives, but we believe it opens the door to London´s diversity, highlighting the highs and lows and bringing current questions to the surface in order to display the truths of our times.

Photography is more than just a means of taking beautiful pictures. It is a tool for revealing oportunities, strenghtening communities , improving knowledge, self-worth and education. It is the tool for raising understanding and respect for diversity in order to build a better tomorrow.

Every course and walk you buy brings us closer to our aim: helping young Londoners to not only to become aware of their opportunities around them but more of the world they live in!

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