Animation At Home

Animation At Home cost £60

Included in your purchase: 

1x Animation kit & 1x year's website subscription

Animation at home The London Lens Project Our Mission

Animation At Home is designed to be a creative alternative to entertainment focused screen time. We believe that technology used in the right way, can be really engaging + in the long run, amazingly rewarding academically. 
Our activities help boost young peoples confidence and communication skills to help them in almost all academic subjects.


Animation Kit

 Adjustable Phone Holders are designed to fit a wide range of phones. Its purpose is to hold the phone securely to the work surface, keeping it still while you are shooting your animation.

It's really important in stop motion animation that your camera and workstation remains still throughout your animation, therefore a strong and stable camera holder is a must for any budding animator.

Animation at home The London Lens Project 9247

 In animation at home students are set exercises using whiteboards.

The London Lens Project has found that whiteboards are a mistake friendly way to learn and develop your drawing skills.


Practice drawing flat on the table or set up your animation kit to include your drawings in your animation. The whiteboards are easy to clean and can be used again and again.

Easy to pack away and store, these stations take up no space in your home and are easy to set up in seconds.



Animation Station (2x White Boards + 2x Stands)

Adjustable Phone Stand (2x Safety Clips)

2x Whiteboard Pens

1x Whiteboard Eraser

(The London Lens Project does not provide any phones to complete exercises)


 What if I get stuck with something?

We are here to help!

We are available to support you via email and phone:

Monday - Friday 9am - 5.00pm


Please Note

All customers must install their own animation application.

The London Lens Project highly recommends Stop Motion Studio which can be purchased for only £4.99 and can be downloaded at either the Apple Store or Google Play.

All tutorial videos connected to your subscription will be using Stop Motion Studio.