As you may know, due to the current national situation, The London Lens Project may have to close and it is unclear if we may be able to reopen. Therefore, in a final effort to not let the virus defeat us, we have decided our best tool to accomplish this, during this national emergency, is home learning and online teaching.

For the same cost as a 12x weeks course (£72.00) we are offering all participants their very own Animation Station delivered to their door (free of charge) and 4x months subscription to our website where children will be able to access drawing, Stikbot, lego, play doh & human animation tutorial videos.




Animation Station (Back, Base and 2x Stands)

Adjustable Phone Stand (Stand, Velcro Strap & Silicone Rubber Band Phone Holder)

2x White Board Pens

1x Stikbot (Red)

3x Flipbooks

(The London Lens Project does not provide any phones to complete exercises)

Our Adjustable Phone Holder is a London Lens Project invention and is designed to hold most phones, big and small :)

Click to watch a short demo video 

Aniimation Learning at Home The London Lens Project 8971 

Subscription Starts: 1/5/20 until 31/8/20





All customers must install their own animation application.

The London Lens Project highly recommends Stop Motion Studio which can be purchased for only £4.99 and can be downloaded at either the Apple Store or Google Play.

All tutorial videos connected to your subscription will be using Stop Motion Studio.


For full course details, please click the BOOK button below.